17 Mar

Self Portrait Sunday

I did better with the portraits this week than last, but when this 12 month project is over, I definitely won’t have 365 portraits. Oh well — I suppose that’s part of the experiment too.

365:86 I was in the mood for some pen and ink, but didn’t want to jump right in. I drew a portrait in pencil first, and then traced it with my ink pen onto decorative rice paper and added some modeling with water.

365:87 started as the pencil sketch for number 86, but it was going pretty well so I finished it off and let it be it’s own portrait. It’s far sweeter than I see myself, but a nice respite to all the grumpy looking portraits. Luckily the traced ink portrait is not so saccharine looking.

365:88 I went to the dentist and they were very effusive about the lovely state of my teeth. Gold star for me! So I came home and drew a tooth with a gold star. BO-ring. But done.

365:89 I had to make up for the previous day’s boring tooth, so I drew a whimsical take on it. The star is much more important than the teeth.

And then life and procrastination set in. There are no 365:90, :91 or :92 portraits.

To make up for some of the lack of self portraits, here’s another view of my hand knit shawl. I’ve been wearing it a lot as a scarf and I love it.

Butterfly Forest Shawl

One thought on “Self Portrait Sunday

  1. I like these portraits a lot. They make you look young and vibrant, which you ARE. To me, a lot of your portraits make you look older than you are. probably in part to the materials you’re using – white color in the hair etc. so be saccharine – I like it!

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