10 Mar

Self Portrait Sunday

Not much to post this week. Self Portraits 365:080, 81, 82, and 83 never happened. I let myself get caught up in the discussion about the fine line between spec work and charitable donation, between respect for the artist and the realities of who actually does more work, which ultimately became a back and forth about who dissed who (though that makes it sound worse than I think it actually is). Anyway, that emotional quagmire (for me) has also been tempered by some movement on the gallery side at MacGuffey, a request to be included in some educational material, and a well received trunk show at the local Fiber Arts Guild. Perhaps my self portrait this week is the introspective time spent thinking about what my place in this field, or world is, and what I have to offer. I have no answers.

I did pull myself together to make two portraits.

365:084 is a portrait with the shawl I have essentially knit three times plus some (If you’re on Ravelry and want to know details, it’s here). I finally finished it and I think it looks great! There are flaws, but I finally got it to the point where I knew I could be happy with it and then apply my lessons learned to the next endeavor.

And, after the previous week’s cop-out photo portraits, I brought out the oil pastels and made an actual drawing. I tried smiling a little. It’s extremely hard to hold the same smile between looking at the mirror and then concentrating on the drawing — and to keep that up for 15 minutes. I know, wa wa, whine, whine, excuses.

Here’s to a more productive week ahead!

4 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday

  1. Glad to hear that MacGuffey is working for you, and good opportunities in the C’ville fiber community. And that shawl is fabulous, definitely worth reworking to get it to look like that!

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