04 Mar

Self Portrait Su… Monday

This was a week of photo portraits. Mostly because I was focused on finishing a project and spent the majority of the week sitting on the couch knitting a shawl that, while it appeared to be the project closest to completion, actually refuses to be finished.

So, last Sunday’s portrait, number 365:072, combines the shawl (as I finished it and realized that in order to utilize the full range of the yarn’s color changes, I needed to start over and add more in the center section) and a photo of me hanging myself with it.

365:072a is a bonus since I couldn’t NOT try the Cutout filter on my layered portrait.

I am very curious about drawing and painting technology on phones and tablets. I tried out the Brushes App on my phone, using my finger (I totally need to get a stylus with my next Amazon order) for Portrait 365:073. The simple style is inspired by a bookmark the kids left on my desk.

365:074. The kitty has been enjoying my sedentary lifestyle this week. He’s decided that sitting on my arms best helps me knit. I think I used the Paint Daubs filter.

Speaking of kitties, I made hubby a Grumpy Cat pillow for Valentine’s Day and he reciprocated with a Hello Grumpy T-shirt for me! I model both for 365:075.

Found the lens flare filter and made 365:76 a fake hipster portrait.

365:077. I made duplicate layers and played with transparency, colors, and filters (like the cutout one), trying to change up the previous day’s portrait, and ended up with something pretty darn similar to the previous photo.

Saturday was spent as an Appraiser for our regional Destination Imagination competition, a fun and creative extra-curricular activity for the kids. The group I worked with had a film making theme, so all the officials dressed up. I wore a sparkly gold wig which I made even more sparkly with the Glowing Edges filter for 365:078.

My view on Sunday (yesterday). I got to the last color change, but this time, ran out of yarn just before the end of the bind-off, and ultimately ripped back the day’s work. 365:079 is desaturated, as is my enthusiasm for this (knitting) project.

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait Su… Monday

  1. Kristin, Re stylus, no need to spend $30. You can get one at Walgreens for $5 – 6. I have both and they work equally well.

  2. I have a sweater that my aunt knit for me that would fit so well with the color scheme of 365:072 it’s one of my faves!
    I’ve got to get to playing on my iPad apps too…

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