24 Feb

Self Portrait Sunday

It was a flaky kind of week. As any year-long or daily project naturally is, there is ebb and flow. I just wasn’t that into it this week. That said, here’s a few portraits:

365:65. I had been looking through photos of my art and decided to see what happened if I layered that with a portrait photo. Fun exercise. Obviously I could go on forever with different combinations of art, portrait, erasers, and levels of transparency.

So, I did another one for 365:66. Photo of branches, photo of me, cutout filter.

There are no 365:67 or 365:68 portraits. I blew off those two days (for no particular reason).

365:69. I had a good morning with watercolor pencils on pre-painted backgrounds at life drawing group, so I came home and did a portrait in the same manner. As I worked, I saw that I was obliterating the stenciled hand, so I didn’t expand the self portrait much beyond my face. Now it looks like I’m choking myself!

365:70. I went to the American Craft Council show in Baltimore with a friend and we had a great day looking at fine art and craft, being inspired, and taking mental notes. We each splurged on one purchase. I got a fun handmade dress which I am very excited to wear someplace. Anyplace.

365:71. We got dressed up and went to a wedding, but didn’t take any photos. We did take a post party, happy mood photo though.

6 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday

  1. What a happy photo that last one is! and I agree with Susan, you are prettier than you draw yourself…hmmm…self image issues? I highly doubt that, more likely humility…

  2. I think you’re prettier too and, if I may, I think the sketches lack that twinkle you have in your eye.

    I like the picture of you and Art, but I also like the first one. As first glance I thought you’d given yourself a crown!

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