17 Feb

Self Portrait Sunday

365:58 The artist who runs the Wednesday night life drawing group almost always works in black Sharpie pen. I love the boldness of his work. So I tried a bit myself. I used a really fat chisel point pen which is a bit unwieldy. I probably should have stopped with the pen only and not added the paint, but this is all about trying stuff and not worrying about whether it will be pretty or not.

Since I wasn’t happy with #58’s paint, I took another stab at Sharpie only in 365:59. I also stood at the bathroom counter to draw this one so I actually have a torso! The drawing was too small to support that big fat pen though and it looks pretty goofy. Oh well, live and learn.

I got a little fat fingered texting on this day and gave my emoticon a double chin. I’ve been noticing the beginnings of a similar familial trait while doing my portraits, so I saw a bit of myself (or my future) in the emoticon as well. 365:60 kinda cracks me up.

365:61 is the day before I get my hair cut. It’s kinda droopy. I think I used the Photoshop Poster Edges filter on this one to emphasize the lines in my hair (or lack thereof).

Naturally, the following portrait, 365:62 is after my haircut. Yay, bouncy curls!

There’s no 365:63. I wasn’t in the mood.

I was still feeling a bit lazy with yesterday’s 365:64. I used the Crosshatch filter at my daughter’s request (she loves watching the various filters do their magic — especially when I adjust their tolerances). I added a border too. The more I play around in Photoshop the more I realize I really need some instruction in the program. There is so much I don’t know how to do.

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