26 May

Wir machen Pause (We’re taking a break)

Handarbeit Gruppe Früstück

Breakfast and quilting with friends, a visit from grandmother, warm weather activities, upcoming holiday…. I think I can safely say there’s not going to be much noodling in the next week or so. If I can sneak some work in, I’ll share, but if not, don’t worry about my absence from Blogland.

Katja as a Nashorn

6 thoughts on “Wir machen Pause (We’re taking a break)

  1. enjoy your break. I didn’t check in for a few days and long story short-I love the doodles(very inspirational work you’re doing), the local scenery and, of course, any picture of your darling daughter is a great start to the day.

  2. Kristin,
    I hope your break is a blessed one.
    I found you tonight googling “quilt edelweiss”, and WOOHOO! Found your site.
    I’m in Germany as well (KMC), and had seen your “tour of Europe” quilt blocks at the Patton Barracks store a couple years ago, and when I got the chance to go back, they’d sold out. 🙁 But NOW I CAN ORDER THEM! (oh, sorry, was I hollering? ;)) Very excited to find you!

    Your blog is great, and I love your techniques…maybe I can get up there again to learn FROM you…

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