11 Feb

Apron Progress

Welcome Home
I wasn’t sure if this one was done, but I think it nearly is. Yay! Visible progress!

Work in Progress
This one’s got a concept in my head, but has been a tough one to get out visually. I wasn’t sure if I liked where it was going or not, but got a little encouragement this weekend from my most excellent sounding board, Deborah. I’m going to keep moving forward.

Work in Progress
Though not an apron an apron, I’m slowly making progress on this. It is of the lowest priority, so I only work on it here and there. It’s far too big to take with me anywhere, so that slows it down too. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel though.

My next task is to actually write a proposal to the McGuffey (and maybe another venue) to show The Army Wife in the main gallery. I can (and should) do that.

7 thoughts on “Apron Progress

  1. You know, I don’t think I fully expressed myself on the rank apron when I was visiting this weekend. I love it. I love how the meaning behind it is not obvious. Incredibly, I think it suggests a feeling and theme that cannot really be expressed clearly in words. As you and I stood in front of it, touching the various layers and mumbling a bit about imagery and technique, I think we were thinking and feeling the same things. The apron is the conduit.

  2. YES YES YES! get that proposal done! we all want to see the whole series together!
    I am loving the details I’m seeing of this apron, very intriguing… is the last pic part of the apron too (doesn’t look it) or another project?

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