10 Feb

Self Portrait Sunday

Oh, look at that — I didn’t post anything this week between Self Portrait posts. I will remedy that soon. I worked A LOT this last week on three aprons and a quilt. Nothing is quite done yet, but it’s all coming along nicely.

365:51. A pretty straightforward drawing last Sunday/Monday to start the week. I’m happy with it. This is like my “base camp.” I can always come back to it and regroup.

I was working with a pretty lace curtain and incorporating it into several pieces I’ve been making, so I drew my hand with it. I was deep into the making, so I didn’t get to a portrait on Sunday, but was willing to do two on Monday. 365:52

365:53 is a sharp turn off the track. Randomly opening a page in Wreck This Journal, I was instructed to scratch the page. OK, why not scratch a portrait? It’s ugly, but I didn’t really expect anything different.

Inspired by some fun doodles I saw on the interwebs, I traced a portrait I liked, transfered it to a new piece of paper and “colored in” 365:54 with doodles. Fun.

365:55 is ballpoint pen and watercolor. I’ve seen nice sketches done this way, and mine is not one of them. I’d do this combo again though.

Friday night I felt like using my colored pencils. I got in to the drawing and worked away at it. Then I stepped back and realized that I had lost my proportions somewhere along the way and now I look like a monkey! Oh well.

We had house guests Saturday, and were having too much fun to stop and do a portrait, so there’s no 365:57.

One thought on “Self Portrait Sunday

  1. see, this is so fun watching you, that it encourages distraction in me by wanting to do this! I already have my hands fulls with my already chosen set of built-in distractions. A.D.D. Art Distraction Disorder is what I have.

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