24 May


Ich bin heute welke (new word for my son and I this week). I feel wilty today. It’s 28° C at 10pm and just starting to feel like it’s cooling down. I know that’s not Africa hot (or Iraq hot if you ask my hubby) but I just wasn’t operating on all cylinders today. I did spend about 20 minutes free motion quilting leafy things in the empty spaces on my first doodle sandwich. I went out later and bought more batting so I could start a new sandwich, but I never got around to another Neeoodle.


I know this isn’t very thrilling for you guys, but it felt like good exercise for me while doing it.

While I was out though, I managed to get a nice picture of one of my favorite flowers before their season is over as well. Everything was on the wilty side today.


4 thoughts on “5/24/07

  1. wouldn’t this poppy be a wonderful motif for a quilt? the picture is lovely, and so will your neeoodle be!
    btw: feeling welk on such a day is normal —- it’s so “schwül” (is there an english word for schwül???). my blood pressure is down. had to check if i’m still alive with a pocket mirror this morning 😉

  2. I like your fern look instead of feathers on a curvy center stem. It isn’t as traditional looking and would be a great all over quilting design.

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