27 Jan

Self Portrait Sunday

I really would like to be posting about something other than these self portraits, but I can’t seem to get much of anything else done, or find blog fodder in anything. I did go see the Dale Chihuly show in Richmond yesterday and it was wonderful, but my photos don’t do the work justice. I also spent two back to back weekends with art friends which were great chat about life and art, networking, and general involvement in the (somewhat) local community, but again, no photos, and I don’t really know what I could say other than I had a great time. Maybe a little quiet time at home will coax some words out this week.

Last we saw the self portraits, I was feeling the need to take the cutout filter out of Photoshop and put it in my own hands.

365:38 is just cut paper. My daughter was impressed that it looked like me.

Of course, that leads to the next step which is, “what would it look like layered with something more linear in Photoshop?” I used a couple of filters to reduce a photo to black and white lines and shapes and layered it, with some fun dot brushes to take the collage one step further. Not great, but a good exercise.

The next two days were consumed with adding an embroidered female figure to my Absence II quilt before photographing it on Friday. Luckily, the female figure is me, so 365:40 and 41 are self inherently self portraits and didn’t require me to fit any extra work into the day. I feel like I’m cheating with all these photos enhanced with the cutout filter, but I am really enamored with it. You never know what it’s going to come up with. I adore the “flowers” and red stitches in 365:40.

Trying out the canvas texture on 365:041. Garbage in, Garbage out.

Speaking of garbage, 365:42 can go straight to the bin. I forgot to bring any drawing implements or a decent sketchbook, so I ended up using my fat fountain pen on a hotel notepad while in NC. I was a hero that afternoon for having an ice scraper to share, so I drew that too. Along with a blind contour drawing, it’s all ugly. But at least I did something.

A little redemption last night. I was thinking about a sketchbook page I had done using lace as a stencil, and wondered what it would look like if I used my hair as a stencil… I kind of love it a lot.

6 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday

  1. Oh, I think the Hyatt Place portraits have character…the type of pieces Sotheby’s will auction for boucoo bucks 100 years from now to a La Flamme collector.

  2. no no no, no binning of the self portraits. this is going to be a lovely collection of your highs and lows, it’s gonna be great.

    that top one needs to be done up in fabrics.

  3. Your nude drawings are amazing and so are your self-portraits. So brave of you do this – to draw yourself everyday. It seems like every drawing is an inner inventory of some sort. How delightful to think of all the places it may take you.

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