23 May


Here it is!


I didn’t forget today’s neeoodle — it just took me a while to get around to it. My MIL is here, so while I had time in the morning, I didn’t want to sew in the guest room while she was attempting to make up for a nine hour time difference and at least eleven hours flight time. This evening I had to wait for my turn on the computer (not unusual and nothing to complain about though). I did move the sewing machine to the dining room table, and while it wasn’t catastrophic, I could tell the difference in ergonomics. I know that my stool in the sewing room is a little too high, but the dining room table is definitely too high, even with a chair of the proper height. Often these are things that you know intellectually, but don’t actually experience in practice. Or you don’t realize how wrong it is until you try something that’s right.

On Wednesdays the Studenten come to Zavi’s second grade class. These are high school students who prepare social studies, biology, natural history, etc. lessons for the kids and engage them in the classroom. A few weeks ago they learned about where sugar came from, the refinement process, and tried different kinds of sugar. Today they learned about wheat and flour. They baked bread in the school kitchen too. Zavi brought home the recipe and now I have orders to make this at home ASAP. He also brought home wheat stalks for Me, Katja, and TS&WGH. Hence, today’s neeoodle inspiration.

3 thoughts on “5/23/07

  1. Great neoodle! And yes, even something that is wrong but familiar is better than something that is wrong but unfamiliar. I know my machine at the dining room table is the wrong height — but I’m used to it. I would love to actually find some way to have a machine at the right height for me.

  2. I like the way your wheat stalks came out. They look very wheaty, and quite 3-D.

    As for ergonomic – I think a lot of it has to do with getting used to things. Getting used to everything really – the distance from your seat to the floor, the reach for the pedal, not to mention where and how you snip threads at the end of a run… I’m not sure I’d recognize truly ergonomic if it bit me, but I definitely have strongly rooted habits.

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