21 Jan

Self-Portrait Sunday (on holiday schedule)

Since we had a four day weekend, Sunday was really more like a Saturday, which allows Monday to be more like a Sunday, and since it was Inauguration day, then it’s OK that this post is at the end of the day. But let’s not wait longer, there would be portrait overload.

So, back to last week, since I hadn’t actually done my Sunday portrait before the post.

365:29 Sunday was all about the knitting. I explored the subtle differences between the watercolor and paint daub filters in Photoshop. This one is paint daub.

I spent a good amount of time at my sewing machine on this day, so 365:30 is me at my machine a la the Photoshop cutout filter.

365:31 is watercolor with a 1″ square brush over a previously painted background. I DID NOT like it when I started, but as I continued it grew on me.

Back to actual drawing for 365:032. I do most of my portraits looking into this little round mirror (more on that later).

I was thinking about how to draw like I stitch and decided to make 365:33 like some of the straight stitch areas I enjoy.

I got un updated version of Photoshop so now I’m learning more about layers and transparencies. This was an experiment with an earlier pen drawing and a colorful page from one of my sketchbooks, which looked even more awesome after applying the cutout filter.

There is no portrait 365:35 since I spent the weekend with my friend Deborah.

I did 365:36 at her house though. The guest bedroom has an almost full length mirror. I drew my body from the neck down for the first time! The face is all messed up though — one of the risks of using just a fountain pen!

And finally, last night’s portrait, back home with my kitty. I can’t seem to get enough of the cutout filter either. I think I’ll go BE the filter right now and try a portrait with real papers!

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