13 Jan

Self Portrait Sunday

This might be the answer — a regular post with all the week’s portraits.

Last we shared, I had used my fountain pen in my Wreck This Journal book. Carrying forward, I used the same pen (this time sketching first in pencil) in my handmade sketchbook. As there was already paint on the page, I added some more, allowing the wetness to affect the ink drawing too. I need to work more with my watercolors to get more comfortable with them.

The next few days were lazy ones for me. I kept forgetting to set aside time to draw, so my default is to play with photographed portraits in Photoshop. Right now, layering and erasing parts to allow things to show through is my focus. This is a desaturated photo paired with a photo of a baking sheet. It has a nostalgic look to me.

More experimentation with layers, this time using one of my previous drawings. The look is not what I had in mind, so I may revisit it soon.

I spent most of the day sitting in front of my sewing machine, so it seemed natural to use teh machine’s point of view. Then I got to wondering how it would “see.” Would it have eyes like a fly? It would probably see me in stitches, but Photoshop doesn’t have a “stitch” filter. Maybe the next portrait needs to be a stitched one, but that will probably take more than the time I allot for each one.

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