22 May


You were probably all wondering how long it would take me to get to this:


OK, maybe you weren’t, but here it is — a Fliegenpilz. I had a flight of whimsy today, plus some feathers thrown in for good measure.

So, my big question to you, my readers (now that I’ve checked my stats and comments and know it’s more than just my mom, Gerrie, and the Mad Hatter reading this) are you tired of looking at Needle Doodles every day? It keeps me on task having to post most every day, but would you rather see a weekly digest? I won’t promise that there will be anything in between, although fest season IS coming up. Or would you like me to keep the doodles to myself and just show the less mundane parts of the artistic journey (meager fare these days)?

13 thoughts on “5/22/07

  1. i am SO loving seeing them. this is something i myself have been doing only i do portrait-type doodles. one of these days i’ll get a real blog so i can show them. 🙂

  2. I am also enjoying the doodles. You are inspiring me to practice daily and I really enjoy seeing what you choose to use for inspiration. As long as you are enjoying it, please keep sharing. Cheers

  3. Your Needle Doodles are fascinating. I never heard of it before I read about this technique on your blog. It is so amazing to see all the wonderful creativity and efforts from all over the world–and your blog is one of the lovely inspiring sites.

  4. I’m loving the doodles! And as I’m thinking about joining in the insanity — PLEASE keep posting. It’s prodding me to get that practice sandwich together!

  5. I LOVE the Fliegenpilz. I did a doodle today and will post later. Have touched base with your real mom and we will be getting together in Eugene where we will talk about you!

  6. Because I’m your mom, I do check your blog every day, but it is more to make the distance in miles seem shorter and share in your daily life than to check the improvement in your stitches. It is wonderful, however, to see what an inspiration you are to so many like-minded fiber artists.

  7. Wow, such a lovely comment from your Mom. Very tough to follow. I’m really enjoying your series. I especially like when you show pictures of your source of inspiration and talk about why your noodle decided on a particular doodle. Stay with it darlin’, it’s workin’.

  8. Keep them coming! I was just talking to a friend on Saturday and we decided that the only way to improve our free motion quilting was to do a little everyday. Now we have a plan – and you are an inspiration – maybe we’ll actually start doing it soon, too!

  9. I like the way you post things… no matter if it’s the random weekend trip or inspirational stuff like daily doodles…. hummm… hard to say.
    As long as you keep posting like you did before, I’ll be happy to read along. XD
    (and i LOVE the fliegenpilz!)

  10. Your doodles are inspiring. Every time I look at one, I think what good practice that would be every day. Maybe I’ll actually do some before I start quilting the commissioned piece I’m working on.

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