21 May


I’m cleaning house in preparation for my MIL’s arrival, quilt group on Friday, and a BBQ on Saturday. In addition to dusting and vacuuming, I HAD to clean off the staging area that is supposed to be known as the guest bed. I’m not going to show the four pairs of dragon wings whose edges I hemmed for Kindergarten (no doubt I will post the wings in situ on show day). But here’s step two in the Mystery Quilt project from Patchwork Professional magazine:

Mystery Quilt WIP

I think my strips in step one should have been thinner, but I’m not going to worry about it now, especially since I don’t really know where this is going.

I bought a bunch of tiny MOO cards. I have yet to hand any out, but I can see them making great tags, enclosure notes in packages, and of course business cards. While I was at it, I ordered their new, larger “cards” with envelopes. I was curious to see how my quilts looked as gift cards, and though I am underwhelmed by some of the images and find the price to be too high for resale, it was a good experiment and something I will pursue further.

My Moo Cards

Last, but not least, my needle doodle of the day (yippee, back on track).


I think I know why there are thousands more flower themed quilts than gadget themed ones. Flowers and leaves are sooooo much more fun to sew.

3 thoughts on “5/21/07

  1. Cleaning — I should do some more of that. I think my living room is underneath all of the clutter and dust, but I’m not entirely sure. Hmmmn…

    Love the colors in your blocks for the mystery and the MOO cards. What fun to turn your quilts into little gifts. As for the noodle — yes, I can see flowers being much more fun to draw!

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