05 Jan

New Year, New Plans

In previous years, I’ve compiled a list or mosaic of projects completed, but I don’t feel like doing that this year. I know I have not made as much quilt art as I have ideas, but I haven’t been a complete slacker either. 2012 was a good year, with a lot going on outside of my creative endeavors. It was the first year in a very long time that my husband was home for every holiday and significant event. We said aloha to Hawaii and moved across the country to Virginia, taking a month-long road trip to do it. And we all are settling nicely in our new city. 2012 was a year of thinking about where I want to go with my art, and how it fits into a bigger picture. I’ve realized that primarily quilt shows are not the best light for my work, and that I don’t have the inclination to promote myself in the fabric design, pattern, or craft blog arena. The studio art world appears to be more my speed. I took an online class which exposed me to new media and ways of working, which has been an inspiration. And, I have committed to a weekly life drawing group that is a good part of my entrĂ©e into 2013.

So, what to I hope for in this new year?

On my birthday I started making a daily self portrait, which I will continue doing until December 2013. I hope this will engender at least some self reflection, create a bridge between how I see myself in my head and how I look in the mirror, and give me an excuse to practice drawing and other media.

At the beginning of the new Mayan cycle (the day after the end of the world in American interpretation) I decided to start my own record of time. Each day, as early as I can get to it, I write what I hope to accomplish. Throughout the day, I list what I actually do. Some times they match up well, some times they don’t. We’ve had house guests the last week so my tasks have been pretty easy — mostly sight seeing. What I have found so far is that by writing down what I’d like to do I can actually take account of what is has the most potential, rather than just having the hazy idea that I’d like to get to something on my large, amorphous, to-do list. What I need to be wary of is avoiding putting things on the list in the first place. I think it will be interesting to see what this project looks like at the end of the year (specifically December 22nd).

I will definitely continue attending the life drawing sessions. In addition to that, I’m applying to become an Associate member at the Art Center. I’ll blog about that later as it was an interesting experience putting together the work to show.

Three of my The Army Wife aprons are still traveling with SAQA’s Beyond Comfort exhibit. The last show will be at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, OH from January 13th (that’s next week!) until March 10, 2013.

The Other Woman has been included in the textile show Down to Sleep in the spring. This is still in the early phases, so I’ll share more later.

I’ve found (or maybe they found me) a lovely group of local textile artists called Fiber Transformed who I hope to spend more time with in 2013 sharing critiques and mutual support.

I’ve also been invited to join 8 That Create, an evolving group of fiber artists who also encourage and support each other and show together. I’m sure there will be more on that as things coalesce.

I post bout once a month now on the Sketchbook Challenge blog as a way to share my enthusiasm for drawing and keeping sketchbooks and to keep me on task actually using them!

I’m no longer participating in the Twelve by Twelve challenges, although work I have already completed will continue to show with the rest of the group. I consider all of the ladies dear friends who have shared a wonderful adventure which we will always carry with us. I just needed to focus on creating my own body of work without the distraction of divergent themes. It is my hope that the new groups I’m associated with will center around the artists’ established voices rather than an imposed structure. My fingers are crossed that my own vanity won’t bite me in the ass too hard!

2012 ended with much possibility and 2013 is keeping the momentum up so far. I’m excited to see where this all leads.

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  1. Brava on a full and productive 2012! And here’s to exciting new paths in 2013! “Clink, clink” (that’s my champagne glass hitting yours, in case you didn’t know.)

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