24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

As everyone Stateside is gearing up for the big turkey fest, we are winding down. This year we shared dinner with one of the families who live in our row. The hubbies have known each other for about 9 years now, having gone to “How to be a lieutenant school” and “Jumping out of airplanes school” together. Our kids are also close in age and have participated in many of the same after-school activities together. My friend’s parents live a few hours away, so they joined us for dinner too. As usual, it was a wonderful mix of family, friends, and cultural exchange, just how we imagine the first Thanksgiving to have been. This was the first year that we have had the right combination for a Kid’s Table. Yup, that icon of Thanksgiving; and the kids played it perfectly. They were in their own world, goofing off, singing songs and hardly eating a bit — just as I remember it when I was a kid. Ahh, to be at the kid’s table again 🙂

Mine are the two loonies in the background:
Kid's Table