28 Dec


We’ve got house guests again, but I’m keeping up with the self portraits. Clockwise from the upper left are 365:9 — my house shoes, 365:10 — sticking with the fine point marker of the previous portrait, 365:13 — inspired by my morning’s success at life drawing group, and 365:11 — a blind contour drawing in black followed by another in green and then colored in in a few places just because I felt like it.

In the weekly drawing sessions I attend, I enjoy drawing the longer poses (20 to 30 minutes) in charcoal and chalk on kraft paper, so I figured I should try that at home too. I am quite happy with 365:13. My favorite part of my self portrait? The chin/neck area that is only defined by the dark hair shadows.

Speaking of the hair, I find that it is always in my face. I get to drawing and each time I look up my hair has redefined the contours of my face. There’s also so much of it that I get tired of drawing it (you’ll notice it always sort of trails off in the drawings). The hair has a definite impact on my portraits. Therefore, I must feature the hair. So, I pulled out my trusty iPhone and amused myself by taking photos of my hair from as many angles as I could manage. The next day, I started combining them in photoshop and decided I liked these two together (365:12).

I was still having fun playing with the photos and a few filters in Photoshop. It’s not earth shattering or cutting edge of Photoshop capabilities, but I like it, so here’s self portrait 365:14

6 thoughts on “365:14

  1. Love portraits 12 and 14. Hair really does define the females in our family. My granddaughters literally shared theirs with people who needed it and now you are sharing yours through your art.

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