18 May


Ooops, 5/17/07 got away from me. I kept meaning to get to the sewing machine, but it just didn’t happen. This is the weekend that TS&WGH will be running a marathon (in Luxembourg — classy, no?), so I don’t foresee a chance to do any “Noodles.” In order to balance it all out somewhat, I present to you 30 minutes of free motion quilting (less the time it took to wind a bobbin half-way through):


I really should have taken a close-up. The stitching isn’t show-quality, but it’s definitely improving. I could almost say it’s consistent here (and NOT consistently crappy).

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “5/18/07

  1. Your practice piece is really becoming pretty with all the texture. Have a great weekend.

  2. It looks loverly to me. I do think you are getting better. I may have to join this marathon – stitching, not running!!

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