16 Dec


So here it is, the first self portrait of the next 365 days.


I decided that starting on my birthday (15 December) was as good a date as any to start a year-long project. Here’s to what 47 looks like. Right now, I’m struggling with my glasses. The distance one’s don’t allow me to see the detail that I’m drawing, and the reading ones limit how far away from the mirror I can be. I opted to do this first drawing in fat oil pastels so that I wouldn’t worry too much about what I was and wasn’t seeing. Not sure why I made myself so orange though.

I won’t bother posting every drawing, but I’ll check in once and a while with interesting ones. I suspect that they will change in pose, media, subject (not always face only, or necessarily literal or realistic), etc. I have no idea where I’m going with this, but the ride should be informative wherever it goes.

5 thoughts on “365:1

  1. Yeah, I don’t think FB told me it was your birthday, so I think you’re wrong about turning 47. 😉 But what a fantastic project to undertake!

  2. oh, i am so intrigued by this project! been fantastically befuddled trying to come up with an idea of my own for a big year-long thing. best of luck! and i hope you had a great birthday!

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