30 Oct

Just Checking In (with a drawing)

Sandy appears to have skirted by our little section of VA. We never lost power either, so my sewing machine and I have had some quality time together.

But, since I don’t want to show any of the sewn stuff yet, it’s a good time to catch up on figure drawing.

Figures 10/25/12

Each week, I try to learn something new. I’ve been experimenting with not lifting the pen, or drawing on collaged pages, or adding watercolor later. My favorite pieces are on my Flickr page. This one is in my black and white charcoal on kraft paper comfort zone, but I like it. The proportions are oddly attenuated (I’m not sure how I did that or if I can replicate it), but that’s part of what I like about the drawing. My classmate said it reminded her of the work of Ingres. At the time I couldn’t visualize anything Ingres, but last night the lightbulb went off. The twist, the long back, a certain softness. Yup, it’s there.

2 thoughts on “Just Checking In (with a drawing)

  1. Your drawing sucked me in. I really wanted to know what she was looking to see. It made me want to see it too. Wonderful!!!

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