12 Oct

Cabin of Curiosities

Lately I’ve been working on getting back in touch with my long abandoned drawing skills. To that end, I’ve joined a life drawing group, and I took Melanie Testa’s online creative journalling class. I’ve also been periodically poking around The Sketchbook Challenge blog. This month’s theme is Cabinet of Curiosities. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, because on my aunt and uncle’s property is “The Dragon House,” which, for all intents and purposes, is a cabin of curiosities!

You must pass the spooky tunnel to get there.

Cabin of Curiosities

And watch out for the guard at the door!

Cabin of Curiosities

But inside is so worthwhile as it is filled with fascinating bones and nests and bits and bobs.

Cabin of Curiosities

If you’re really lucky, my aunt will spin a yarn about one thing or the other, but that is usually reserved for the younger generation.

I borrrowed a few bones and drew them in my journal on a page already started with a camo texture and some fabric bits.


3 thoughts on “Cabin of Curiosities

  1. So cool. I love that little dragon house and your sketches. Interesting sketchbook challenge. I need to get back to my drawing again. Thanks for reminding me Kristin.

    BTW – when you post a comment on my blog it still points back to your old site. You new site is fantastic.

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