11 Oct

We Gathered at the River

Welcome to my paternal aunt and uncle’s house. My grandfather helped my uncle build it as a mountain retreat away from his and my aunt’s Florida home. My aunt has filled it with their artwork and a most wonderful collection of mementos and whimsy.

Now that we don’t live an ocean away, and because my dad came to spend the week with us, we went to this magical place to gather with family.

The house overlooks a rushing river but it is also a hillside oasis to enjoy.

Rivulets crisscross the property.

Creatures and vignettes of all sorts dot the landscape.

There are places to wander and to rest.

And places to play. Everything is open for exploration.

This is the view down from the main balcony to the fishpond and river below.

There are (sometimes secret) messages everywhere.

Looking back up at the main house.

Little buildings are tucked away everywhere. There’s a rental house, a play house and several garden sheds, a studio, and this little cabin of curiosities which I’ll show more of later.

Despite the chill and damp, the kids enjoyed a bonfire on our last night.

We could have stayed longer, but we had school to return to. I hope that I don’t have to wait over a decade, as it had been, to return to this magical place

8 thoughts on “We Gathered at the River

  1. Like Deborah, my mouth is hanging open in awe. That is my kind of place. I grew up in woods like that and miss them. What a fantastic spot to explore, sketch, relax, and be. I hope you get to return often.

  2. Is this North Carolina? I love it. I love the mountains in NC and I know it is a retreat for a lot of Georgians and Floridians. I would want to keep going back to this place!!

  3. That’s really a magical place! And those photos of buildings seen from below, with vines trailing down, reminds me of your rooted houses 🙂

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