09 Oct

21 Days of Halloween

Dalek Dots (with cat for scale)

I’ve made some progress. I covered what should be all the dots on the dalek costume, and I cut out the fabric for my candy corn dress.
I can cross a few things off the list (and why wasn’t “cover styrofoam balls” on my list?):

Buy interfacing, a hula hoop, little plastic cups, bronze spray paint, and a plastic hardhat
Cut out and interface fabric for Dalek
Assemble Dalek dress with straps and hula hoop for shaping
Attach balls to Dalek dress
Cover stiff interfacing hoops for helmet
Paint hardhat helmet
Attach hoops, headlamp, and cups to helmet
Cut fabric for Candy Corn dress
Sew Candy Corn dress
Buy tights (and bobble headband or wings) to coordinate with dress
Gesso box for creeper head and cut out eye holes
Paint Creeper head with green grid
Paint green hoodie with some green squares

My dad is visiting, so there’s not much crafting going on. We spent the long weekend at my aunt and uncle’s house, which may be the most magical place I’ve been to. I took lots of photos which I need to think how best to share in a way that respects their privacy, but also shows what a wonderful time we had and what a unique place it is. Slightly related, I’ve been following The Sketchbook Challenge, and this month’s theme is Cabinet of Curiosities, which dovetailed quite nicely into our weekend. I’d like to post a bit of that too. And, we’ve been good tourists here in Charlottesville as well. Monticello and the UVa campus so gorgeous that even my iPhone photos are pretty. Oh, and I will make some breast pockets for Melanie’s project (go check it out in the inevitable time before my next post). Lots to blog about and no time to blog. I hope to catch up in the not too distant future.