03 Oct

30 Days of Halloween

And we’re already down to 27 (28 if I work all the way up to Trick or Treating time on the 31st).

Costume Supplies

My goal is to go from this box of supplies, and a few more bits I’ve already decided I need (like a hula hoop), to this:

Halloween Costumes

That would be a Candy Corn dress for me, a Dalek costume for my daughter, and a Creeper costume for my son.

I may or may not check off a costume countdown to-do list here on the blog. I figure just this post should be accountability enough. But hey, if I’ve got nothing better to blog about this could be it for awhile. Today, I am covering half styrofoam balls with stretchy gold fabric for the balls on the Dalek.

The rest of the list is something like this:

Buy interfacing, a hula hoop, little plastic cups, bronze spray paint, and a plastic hardhat
Cut out and interface fabric for Dalek
Assemble Dalek dress with straps and hula hoop for shaping
Attach balls to Dalek dress
Cover stiff interfacing hoops for helmet
Paint hardhat helmet
Attach hoops, headlamp, and cups to helmet
Cut fabric for Candy Corn dress
Sew Candy Corn dress
Buy tights (and bobble headband or wings) to coordinate with dress
Gesso box for creeper head and cut out eye holes
Paint Creeper head with green grid
Paint green hoodie with some green squares

6 thoughts on “30 Days of Halloween

  1. Fantastic costumes!!! I love Dalek costume (since I am childless and old, thanks for the link! LOL!) Candy corn is one of my favorite candies. It has to be Brach’s though, not the off brands. Have fun!

  2. cool stuff! can’t wait to see the realized versions…. I’ve got one kid who wants to be a marshmallow on a stick on fire….should be interesting… the other one is still undecided.

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