29 Sep

It’s Crafturday! (14)

Mostly I sew, but sometimes I knit. And now I’ve knit long enough that I’ve accumulated a decent sized collection of needles and supplies. I had been storing them all in one roll, which was great when there wasn’t much, but recently it’s been getting out of hand.

Knit and Crochet Tools Storage

So I spent Friday making tidy little cases for everything. The best part — I used hand silkscreened fabrics which I’ve had for a few years but been stingy with since I didn’t have a really good project for them. Now I’ll get to admire the fabrics every time I go to knit.

Circular Needle Book, closed

I started with a “book” for my circular needles since they were my trouble makers.

Circular Needle Book

The house fabric was oriented the wrong way and too bulky for the pockets, so I used this aboriginal-inspired print from my stash. I like that the colors coordinate and the fabrics share an Australian ancestry. I’m also busily plowing through my stash right now, using up stuff and that makes me very happy!

Crochet Hook Roll

Chuffed with my needle book success, I made a little roll for my crochet hooks.

Crochet Hook Roll, open

I realized after the fact that the chunkiest needles should be on the opposite end of the roll from the ties, and that I had missed an opportunity to line up the house fabrics, but that could all be remedied in the next roll. Before, my crochet hooks would fall out of the needle roll every time I opened it since they were in bigger pockets than my knitting needles. Now the problem is solved and I will no longer have loose crochet hooks rolling around!

Straight Knitting Needle Roll

Now I was on a roll (punny) and made a slightly larger needle roll for my knitting needles.

Straight Knitting Needle Roll, open

I realize that this would not accommodate a full flight of knitting needles like serious knitters have, but I’m not there yet and this will do just fine for the immediate future. Besides, now that I’ve taken everything out of my first needle roll, it is ready and waiting to be re-filled some day.

With one of the scraps, I even made a little lined pouch for the funny shaped bits and bobs like a stitch counter and a little container of stitch markers, my needle gauge, small scissors, tapestry needles, etc.

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