21 Sep

The Journey

Back to life drawing studio yesterday. I hadn’t picked up a pencil all week and now I’m starting to miss it. Who knew?!

Figures 9/20/12

I’ve been noticing a confluence of themes. At the Diebenkorn exhibit, the big picture for me was seeing his process. My Quilt Mom Gerrie and I have been having a bit of an email conversation about what it is about the artwork that she likes so much, since I was kinda lukewarm about it. She said,

I love his use of line and the details that are hiding under a layer of paint and you only see on close examination. I think it is how they [abstract expressionists] uncomplicate a theme or a scene in a painting and yet on close examination, you see much more. There is nothing precious about their work – not sure if that is the word I mean.

Ah, there it is, the visible process. I had a similar conversation with my dad too — seeing the decisions the artist was making and how one decision affects the next (not being afraid to change things even if you’ve already committed to a big expanse of paint or a particular color) is far more interesting than an entire story read in one take.

Figures 9/20/12

What does that have to do with my figure drawings? Yesterday I had a great discussion with Jean, who organizes the sessions. She said that she doesn’t come to the life drawing studio to make Art, she comes to explore. I love that. She put into words my motivation too. Each pose provides something interesting and intriguing to discover. Sometimes it’s the hands, or maybe the way fabric drapes, a gesture, the negative space between body parts, or the musculature in an arm and shoulder. I’ve come to realize that I focus on different things depending on which model we have, and with each pose I find one thing to focus on and then build from there.

Figures 9/20/12

My process with art quilting is similar too. I start with an idea, but explore and change as I go. I never quite know what the finished piece will look like until I’m there. It’s a wonderful journey.

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  1. Excellent post! Your drawings are beautiful. I love looking at the lines you have used to create an effect. So very wonderful. Since I came to art quilting via traditional quilting, I had a hard time letting go of what the gridded pattern would reveal. A friend asked me how I cooked – did I follow a recipe to a tee? or did I improvise? I don’t think I have followed a recipe since Home Ec. That really opened my eyes and gave me the freedom to explore. The ability to adjust the seasoning, to add different veggies, to cook by intuition has led me down a path as a creator that is exciting and so rewarding.

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