06 Sep

Go Figure

I couldn’t resist a punny title. I felt like I hadn’t been to figure drawing studio in forever, but it’s only been a week. Weird.

9/6/12 Gesture Drawing

The lady who runs the Thursday morning sessions likes to warm up with quick 3 minute poses. I like these gestural beginnings too. I have no problem tucking into longer, tighter drawings, but the gestural stuff keeps me a little looser and has a tendency to bring out a bit more of the unexpected — and I like that. Not everything has to be perfect and precious — we have to start somewhere; and I think these kinds of drawings share a bit of that.


We did a few long poses too, and my drawings from them turned out fine. I was inspired by one of the guys last week to try drawing on black paper. Funny thing was, my black paper is smaller than the Kraft I usually use, so my drawings had this odd scrunched look to them! But I wasn’t as excited about any of the more finished drawings as I am about this arm. It has nice energy in it. It’s my favorite drawing from the day.

2 thoughts on “Go Figure

  1. YOur drawings are making me want to go to figure drawing class again but then I remember that my quick three minute sketches didn’t look human….. so maybe not.

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