28 Aug

Gaining Momentum

I am bouncing all over my studio, moving from machine embroidery on my latest apron, to piecing scraps, to hand embroidery on the chopped quilt, to Saturday figure drawing, to assignments for the online class I’m taking with Melanie Testa, which has it’s own sub-momentum of drawing to painting to collage and back to draw some more and then add a bit of paint somewhere else, and then maybe some doodling, and on and on. It seems the more I do, the more I want to do. I’m especially enjoying all the drawing I’ve been doing. It’s coming more naturally the more I do, and adding watercolor painting to my toolbox has only increased my satisfaction. Drawing is much more immediate than sewing and constructing, so they balance each other nicely. I’m trying to make connections between the two, and while it can’t be forced, I know that all my activities are feeding off each other even in the most tangential ways. Where is this leading? Perhaps to nothing more than me being happy with where I am artistically. And I’m OK with that.



Starting to put it all together.

Day 3

Week 5/5 & 6

Week 4 Homework: pt 3

7 thoughts on “Gaining Momentum

  1. wonderful. love that ink drawing of ?breakfast? foods. I had a couple of watercolor classes at University but haven’t done any since. Really is enjoyable. yours are turning out marvelously.

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