23 Aug

Inspiration in a Mattress Store?

When we moved not quite two months ago, we took the opportunity to buy a couple of new mattresses. What a surprise to see that it looks like long arm quilters have taken over the mattress factories! When I think mattress, I think of that classic ogee shaped tessellation, but look what else I found!

Pretty “mattressy” look on the right, but very understated quilting on the left.

I see ties to matelasse and trapunto technique here.

This could easily be an overall quilting design.

This one doesn’t look “mattressy” at all to me! I think it’s more a cousin to the traditional Baptist Fan quilting pattern.

And finally, this totally reminds me of the imagery and quilting done by Laura and Linda Kemshall.

We sometimes talk of taking the quilt “off the bed and onto the wall,” but here it seems the quilt has been taken off the bed and incorporated INTO the bed. Why not? They’re quite pretty.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration in a Mattress Store?

  1. Cool designs! Almost makes me want to go bed shopping! At an estate sale today I bought a vase and a plate. I didn’t need either, but they had such great designs they had to come home.

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