18 Aug

Bonus Art Content

You’d think there was nothing going on here based on my lack of blogging. Actually, I’ve been immersing myself in art and am therefore spending too much time at the sewing machine and drawing table to blog about it.

Day 2

I promised myself when I moved that I was going to find a life drawing opportunity — both to practice my drawing skills and to expand my practices into something other than just fabric. I mentioned last week that I went to a drawing session at the McGuffey Art Center, and I returned this morning for more. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that my skills are not as rusty as I had expected, and I really like what I came home with today. I don’t know if it’s due to more practice, or if a model with chiseled tennis arms is just easier to draw. Either way, I’ll take it.

Day 1

In a chance coincidence, I also won a free spot in Melanie Testa’s online “Dream Journals” class. She’s given us many different techniques to try and we’ll see where it takes us. I’ve not had much experience with watercolors, so this is a good learning opportunity. Also, it’s got me drawing something every day (in addition to the once a week figure drawing), and you just can’t beat that!

Flower Painting: day 6

If that weren’t enough, the chopped quilt is progressing nicely, and I’ve finally started in on another apron.

Another Apron

This one has a ton of machine embroidery which requires me not to actually do much, but to be ever present to swap threads or repeat the motif before the laptop goes to sleep and severs the connection to the sewing machine. So, I’ve been working on my painting/drawing while sporadically hopping up and down to tend to the embroidery. The kids start school next week, so things could really get moving then!

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