07 Aug

Thrift Shop Win

About six years ago, I vowed not to buy any more new fabric. There was enough in the world already and I could use new-to-me fabrics from thrift shops, flea markets, swaps, and our own old clothing. Well that lasted about a month until I needed a snuggly backing for a baby quilt. Still, I tread pretty lightly for about a year, but then got tired of smallish bits, and the lack of appropriate thrift shops where I was. Besides, all the new fabrics that have come out since then are so pretty!

After chopping up some sad quilts the other day and rearranging them into something more interesting, I needed about two yards of a deep blue to finish the project. I came close to ordering my beloved Oakshott cross weave online, but then realized that the fabric really needed to be recycled — like the rest of the quilt. So, off to Goodwill I went. And guess what?! Now that I am NOT shopping at the Post thrift shop, or in an area where most of the second hand stuff is geared towards kids and pricey (Germany), or filled with pretty site specific fabrics (Hawaii), there was actually some great stuff to be had. I bought actual wool and cotton content! A sport coat and trousers met my needs for the current quilt, plus I bought two plaids because I liked them. And, bonus for me, a cotton blouse that is in good shape and fits me great!

I am back to thinking that I could actually tread lightly again.

5 thoughts on “Thrift Shop Win

  1. The perils of textile medium for any length of time. I know I do not “need” new fabric. Then I get the newsletter from Pink Chalk, add the magpie starts twitching for pretty new fabric. I have used the thrift stores for years for silk and wool. Occassionally I’ll find a wonderful Madras plaid. Often times I’ll try on what I bought for fabric and discover a new to me top. I hate to go clothes shopping (always have), but put me in a thrift store and I go crazy! We waste so much in this country and I am happy to do my part and recycle.

  2. Have you seen the show on “The Quilt Show” (Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson) with Luke Haynes? He makes wonderful quilts ONLY from recycled clothing. If you don’t have a subcription let me know and I’ll be glad to send you the show (I have not done it before, but it says I can send it to a friend!!)
    I had been hoping you would move to Ft Hood, TX! Wish you all the best at our new assignment.

  3. Penny Sisto recycles fabrics from clothing from anywhere she can get it and her quilts knock me over! and a traditional quilter I know makes her quilts from men’s dress shirts that she finds from thrifting. I can’t give up the PFD fabric…its my staple but I have slowed down tremendously buying quilt/art books. I have more than I need, especially when I only rely on a few.

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