29 Jul

The Studio

House: Guest/Sewing Room

It sounds so official when I call it a Studio. I usually call it the sewing or craft room, and it’s also our guest room. I think this is the best studio/guest room we’ve ever had — at least size-wise. It has it’s own little bathroom, and more square footage than previous rooms.

House: Guest/Sewing Room

The studio is just off our living room, so I won’t feel like I’m being antisocial or out of the loop when I’m in there (this could end up being good or bad). Did I mention that it has a humongous closet?

House: Guest/Sewing Room

It actually makes my stash look small. No worries though, I have plenty of other art supplies to put in there too, plus our holiday decorations which I think store better indoors than in a garage (they are out of sight behind the door).

House: Guest/Sewing Room

Between the closet and the bathroom is just enough space for my treadle sewing machine which one day I may figure out how to use (it’s the bullet shaped bobbin that’s intimidating me). The machine table makes decent storage though. The pedestal table that I love but which has never found an appropriate space in our kitchen or dining rooms is my cutting table for now. The ironing board works where it is, but that’s also the space where I figure I’ll lean my design board. Nothing terribly permanent though — I don’t want to block the AC vent!

House: Guest/Sewing Room

As you move around the room to the right, there’s a large glass door to a patio outside, so the room gets a nice amount of light. The kids took possession of the larger bookcase I usually use, so my reference magazines live on the floor, but all the odd bits for beads and threads and embroidery floss are now somewhat hidden behind the pretty glass doors on our barrister bookcase. The sewing table is a little squished between the bookcase and the bed, but I’m hoping that will work to my advantage and that quilts will just pile up in the far corner of the table instead of falling off the end and messing with my machine quilting stitches.

House: Sewing Room

My mushroom collection lives!


Then there’s the bed. We ditched the futon in Hawai’i. It was a good space saver, but this queen sized bed is so much more comfortable for our guests, who are most often our parents.

House: Guest Room

I look forward to other guests too. Quilty girlfriends, you know who you are, and you are welcome any time! The bed is big enough to bring a spouse, and the kids’ rooms can accommodate friends as well.

8 thoughts on “The Studio

  1. Good things come to those who wait…enjoy! And I agree… I don’t like being far away from the family. I think I don’t spend as much time in my glorious studio just because it IS in the basement and far away…. Enjoy the new digs (and being moved in and settled…at least until the next transfer!), Cheers, Sarah

  2. Sweet space – and I don’t mean just the studio! I can’t believe how long it has been since I visited your website… and this is the first time I’ve visited this one. It looks fantastic! I like the opening page with your slideshow. The work really looks good.

    Charlottesville is a beautiful town. How different it must be from Hawaii. It was fun looking at your trip backwards in time. So much life happens day to day.

  3. Congratulations on the new studio space! It’s fantastic. For your design wall, have you seen the ones that operate on a roll-up shade that hide in a cornice box when put away? That may be a good solution for your space. I really like the table that your Bernina sits on. Where did you get it? I like that it sets down and is so big.

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