23 Jul



Nice, no? It looks so “house” to me. And a bit on the formal side too. This is our new home in Charlottesville. Come on in…

House: Entry Hall

Here’s the entry hall. The layout of the house is a little odd, but it’s just a rental, so we’re more concerned with the overall space than perfect fluidity. Our “big furniture” fit in through the back door, so it’s all good.

House: Dining Room

To one side of the hall is the dining room. I think it’s my favorite room. Nice and light, and what I thought from hubby’s house hunting pics was a weird celery color on the walls is actually a perfect celery color for showcasing my pottery and art collection.

House: Dining Room

To the other side of the entry hall is a room we’re using for our computers, books and desks. It’s a big fat mess right now, so I’m not showing it off. Later. I’m not showing off the kitchen either, which is beyond the dining room and the hall. Nothing special there, except that there are no stainless steel appliances to clean obsessively — yay!

The other end of the kitchen space is the living room. There’s a big empty space between them, which I suppose is for a dining table, But I’ve never been fond of the whole formal plus informal dining room thing. Seems like waste of space to me. I’m on the lookout for a kitchen island since the new kitchen has twice the square footage of the old, yet half the cabinet space.


To make up for the lack of cabinet space, there’s an awesome laundry room. It has cabinets for my “fancy” china, some of my pottery collection, and all my daughter’s craft supplies, plus a little table to work on. She said she’ll do laundry in turn for use of the space. There’s also open shelves that have full on Martha Stewart potential, but I’m not even going to try to make these look color coordinated and tidy. No way.

House: Living Room

This is the living room, which looks totally lived in already. I love the painting above the fireplace. That is our Hawai’i. Red dirt and pineapple fields. Since the TV is on the wall opposite the couch, and we tend to flop on the floor anyway, I envision a couple of pillows and bean bags that look rock-like in this space. I can’t justify spending the big bucks on the felted ones in all the magazines, but I’m thinking I could felt my own little ones and DIY an appropriate beanbag cover or two. Then I wouldn’t worry too much if the family destroyed them either. There’s a really cool sliced tree stump coffee table in a consignment shop that I’m drooling over though…..

House: Guest/Sewing Room

Here’s a peek into the guest/sewing room. It’s off one side of the living room, and the home office is off the other side, so we can all be doing our thing and still be kinda together. I like that.

11 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. I like!!! It appears like it has ample space and yet, has a homey feel. I’d be snatching up that coffee table! The porch looks like a nice place to curl up with a book and watch the world go by. You have found a gem of an abode. Enjoy!!! (If the long shot of the hall shows the kitchen flooring, I have the same one. Get a lot of scatter rugs!!! I have kicked myself all the way to New York for being talked into that flooring. It is a dirt magnet.)

  2. I can attest to the comfort of the guest room! I’m sure it will be functioning well as a studio, too.

  3. So pretty! What I can see of the kitchen cabinets looks beautiful. I’ve been reading your blog thru Google reader for a long time and hadn’t seen the new look of your blog before. It looks great!

  4. Looks so southern – seems odd to think of you in the south. I think you have made a lovely home already. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Love the picture that obviously came with you from Germany!
    And the dining chair that you can see in the same picture. I also like a table that isn’t all matchy matchy but has different chairs around it. My plan has always been to assemble a collection of interesting chairs – not found the auction houses here yet and Craig’s list doesn’t exist either!

  6. It looks very homey indeed. My son lives in Charlottesville so I’ve been involved in a couple apartment furnishing trips. Hope you’ve found Circa – great store! And if you need a good guitar teacher let me know. I know that was bold but I thought I’d take a chance.

  7. welcome! your place looks in better shape than this one and I’ve been here longer. yeesh. we have those stinking stainless steel appliances and I dislike them, but what are you gonna do. Your dining room is really lovely and hurrah for a great place to sew. just wish you were even closer!

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