12 Jul

A Funny Story


In the last four days we’ve unpacked every single box in our house. Because we didn’t pack and label the moving boxes ourselves, and because of the wacky way our movers on the Hawaii end managed the pack-out (or not managed it as the case may be), and the illegible writing on the boxes, we really had no idea what was in each one.

On day one hubby unpacked the TV, but it wasn’t until the end of day four, and the very last box that we found the stand for it. Perhaps looking for the stand was motivation to keep him unpacking though.

See those nice little glass containers on the shelf? I thought I had unpacked all the kitchen stuff, but when I tried to put away some leftovers in one of those containers last night, I had no lids! I spent all afternoon today going through 12 boxes of packing paper thinking that I had missed the lids in the wrapping. I found a shot glass I was willing to live without, a nice drawing pencil, and a napkin ring, but no lids. So, I went back to look in the cabinets for aces to stash the lids, and, wouldn’t you know it, the lids had been in that blue lunch box the whole time!

10 thoughts on “A Funny Story

  1. Sofa feet packed in a cooler, soap dish liners that were not to be packed, all the dirt from a drawer wrapped carefully and taped…boy, the stories!

    Still looking for my tabletop Ott light, it’s been 5 years!!

  2. Iron inside the middle of our Chrismas wreath in the wreath box. Didn’t find it until Christmas. Oh, the stories! At this point I would like to have a house and our stuff. Sigh…

  3. My favorite story is an old one. My cousin and her getting out of the military husband had movers coming to move them back home. (read never had movers before because they had only done one hitch) They had a big party with friends the night before the movers were to come. They didn’t get up in time to do dishes in the morning and of course the movers packed what was there when they came…dirty dishes and all. She was so upset at the other end of the move to have to soak all those dishes in the bath tub to get them clean! I heard this story years before my husband enlisted in the Air Force and you better believe I learned from her mistake.

  4. LOL! That is life once hubby retires. He “helps” by off loading the dishwasher, then I spend 3 days finding where he hid things. Congrats on winning a spot in Melanie’s class! With you and Annika in the class, I had better start drawing now! Hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend. After all the unpacking, you deserve it.

  5. Kristin, how do you get your glass containers so sparkly? (Yes, domestic envy here. I have been trying to get out loaf pans clean and they look grungy.)

  6. I am SO laughing out loud with you…been there, done that!!!!! And when there is an army of packers in your house wrapping and stashing in boxes at warp speed, you just can’t keep up running around with the sharpie to mark the boxes with words that will help you de-code the contents on the other end! Now, time for a big trip to the dump with the boxes (or maybe you have actual garbage service as you are in civilization?) or bonfire! Or free-cycle! Happy settling in!

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