02 Jul

Home Sweet Home?

So, we made it to our new home. Thirty-three days after leaving our rental house in Hawaii, we have now moved in to our new rental in Virginia. We drove 3926 miles across 12 states. Our shortest driving day was 108 miles from Long Beach, CA to Lake Arrowhead, CA. Our longest was the last day: 555 miles from Mammoth Cave to Charlottesville, VA. We stayed at eight hotels and six friends’ homes. We bought souvenir T shirts at the Grand Canyon, Schlafly Brewery in St Louis, and City Museum in St Louis. We scored T shirt swag from friend Sarah’s place of work and from the Progressive Insurance road trippers we met at the Mega Cavern. We lived out of five suitcases, two totes, a backpack and two purses. It’s all we could fit in the car.


Our first day in Charlottesville we shopped for new towels, a mattress and a washer dryer. It was time to upgrade all of these, and we hoped the bed could arrive at the house the same time as us. Unfortunately, not only is the area experiencing a heat wave with 100 degree heat, but a storm blew through and took our power for most of a day and still in some areas. Needless to say, our bed did not arrive on Monday as planned. We’d checked out of the hotel and into our house though, so tonight we sleep on the floor. Tomorrow night should be better.

Saturday I drove to northern Virginia to pick up our cat who had boarded in Hawaii while we road tripped. He flew non stop, and after a 2.5 hour drive back to the hotel, that poor boy had the longest pee ever! He ate a lot too, and slept most of the first night by my side.

Our “hold baggage” did arrive on Monday. It’s a small shipment timed to arrive quickly so you have some basics with which to set up house. The largest thing we’ve ever had in hold baggage was a crib that could be taken apart to pack flat. This time we had kitchen essentials, some clothes, and bedding. Oh, and my back up sewing machine just in case something went wrong with one shipment or the other; I didn’t want all my eggs in one basket. So we had our first home cooked meal in our house. Tacos on the floor!


Over the week the house will fill up: new bed Tuesday, Internet on Thursday, TV service on Friday, and hopefully our 12 crates of belongings on Friday too. A week from Wednesday mom arrives and we’ll work to figure out where everything needs to go, and might even paint a room or two. It won’t be too much longer before this house becomes a home. In the mean time, we’ll be figuring out how to get access to the community pool and maybe meet some neighbors.

9 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home?

  1. First of all, I can so relate with the pet. When we moved to Alaska, we took the ferry. The ferry trip lasts 3-4 days. The first two days there are no stops. The pets stay in the car but you can go down to the car decks three times a day to let them out onto the deck to “do business.” Our poor dog would just look at us as if to say “I’m inside! I can’t do anything!” Two and a half days after getting on board, we were able to take her out of the car and onto land at Ketchikan. Her paw hit a blade of grass and she created a new lake right there in the parking area!!! I was really impressed with her constitution.
    Second, I think I said the exact same thing about all my eggs in one basket when I put my backup machine into hold baggage!
    Third, I’m sitting here in my mom’s living room reading your blog to educate her because she has never heard of a mom traveling to help her daughter set up housekeeping! She isn’t buying the fact that it is “what’s done” either. Rats.
    I’m glad you made it safely and are getting settled. We will make our short road trip late next week!

  2. Welcome Home! I know it won’t take you guys long to get situated, but there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed – even if it hasn’t arrived yet!

  3. Welcome home! We lost our power etc for three days due to that darn storm. We always seem to get the hold shipment at the same time as the rest of it… Glad you made it all safely, including kitty.

  4. wilkommen! to the east coast. Just in time for the quilt show at Dulles in the fall! I am sure you will find the right spot for all your fliegenpilz 🙂

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