28 Jun

Day 29

Today was the mother of all driving days.

We cleared out of our rustic cabin, though not before learning that many of the local bats sleep behind the shutters. We peeped around and found one fuzzy little guy on our cabin and another cabin that was bat central. Not creepy, cozy!


We bid adieu to Mammoth Cave National Park and hit the road in the general direction of Virginia.


We got hungry for lunch near Kenova, West Virginia (right where WV, KY and OH converge). The Foursquare app suggested we try Stuart’s Original Hot Dogs but I spied an old fashioned soda fountain on the way. No problem, we’ll try both.

Stuart’s comes out to your car to serve you, like a real “drive in,” so they keep a map of all the states represented by the license plates of their customers. It made our day to find out that we are the first from Hawaii in 2012! (We are easily amused.)

Griffith and Feil Drugstore and Soda Fountain was a fun find. The most amazing part is that it is not only a historic soda fountain, but still a drug store too. And not an old fashioned apothecary, or museum of drug store stuff, but a modern, working pharmacy filling prescriptions for the locals. Half the customers came in for milkshakes and the other half for their medications.

I ordered a chocolate malt and hubby got a milkshake. The boy ordered an ice cream soda with carbonated strawberry drink and chocolate ice cream. He said it tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry! The girl’s soda was toasted marshmallow flavor with chocolate ice cream to make a drinkable S’more.

Thusly fortified, we decided to keep going and suspected we might make it to our goal by night. We didn’t have anything on the to-do list for West Virginia (though maybe I should have looked into something mining and Hunger Games related?). We did swing into a bit of Ohio just to add another state to our list — plus the gas was noticeably cheaper. It was an easy drive to Lexington, VA where we stopped for dinner, and then an hour later, 555 miles from Mammoth Cave, we reached our final destination: Charlottesburg, Virginia.

The epic road trip is over and tomorrow we get back to real life, picking up hubby’s car, getting water and power turned on at our new house, etc. It’s been a grand adventure and one I hope the kids remember for a long time.

8 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Thanks for taking your loyal readers along for the ride! It looked like the trip of a lifetime. Have fun settling in to your new home.

  2. Woo hoo! Enjoy the humidity – the air you can feel. I just realized that I don’t have your new blog in my blog reader – dang.

  3. Thanks for sharing your road trip. I really enjoyed it and I didn’t have to sit in the car! I hope the new abode quickly becomes Home Sweet Home. (I now suddenly am craving a malted. I cannot remember the last time I had one – yum!)

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