21 Nov

Quick, do this:

Quick, before he tires of it and removes it, everyone must visit TS&WGH’s site and have a good, cheap laugh at POTUS. Just click on “For What It’s Worth” at the right under “Other Sites.”

One thought on “Quick, do this:

  1. Nice photo!

    Did you know that your sidebar elements are not present on your single posts? I read your blog via the wizz RSS reader extension in firefox so I have permalinks to your individual posts. Tell TS&WGH that he should fix your theme so that you have sidebars in all posts.

    I just installed wordpress – I’m starting with the Almost Spring template because it does include this feature.

    And tell TS&WGH thanks for the mention of caffeine – I was getting tired sitting in my cube waiting for 5pm and the chocolate in my desk draw saved the day!

    I enjoyed your posts about the christmas season in germany – sounds wonderful!

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