25 Jun

Day 27

Not yet ready to leave St Louis, we started our day at Uncle Bill’s Pancake and Dinner for some delicious pecan pancakes.


Then we went to the Discovery Center for some more hands-on kid fun.


We were fascinated by the giant marble track, watched a demo on nano technology, built some bridges and arches, and played computer simulations. The kids particularly liked one where you could make a simulated fish and alter it’s characteristics to change it’s behavior.


The architecture in St Louis was wonderful too, with lots of brick bungalows, townhouses, and industrial buildings. There was Tudor style, and carved stone, and a great variety of looks. I didn’t take any pictures of homes, but really enjoyed taking it all in as we drove around town.

We lunched at White Castle and then said goodbye to our wonderful friend and hostess, Sarah. I’m not sure I could ever imagine myself saying I lived in Missouri, but I think St Louis is a great place to visit.

Our next destination was Louisville, KY. We drove through two bonus states as well, leaving Missouri via Illinois, crossing part of Indiana, and finally into Kentucky at the end of the day. I think that brings us up to 10 states we’ve driven through. I don’t know if it is indicative of anything or not, but it seemed like the farmhouses along the highway in Indiana were much tidier and prosperous looking than those we passed in Kansas and Missouri. Just an observation.

Our next two days will be mainly underground. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. Watching your family has been a blast from the past. It looks like you’re having a wonderful time, and making it something the kids will never forget.

    Travel safe my friend.

  2. I visit my grandchildren near St. Louis several times a year, and think that the Discovery Center would be a good outing with them. But…I can’t find it with Google. Do you have a website, or some clue so I could find it? I’ve been enjoying your travel log.

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