23 Jun

Day 24

It’s a relatively short drive from Jeff City to St Louis so we took the scenic road along the Missouri River. It became even more scenic when we hit construction that detoured us about an hour out of the way. The back country roads were fine, but the Forensic Center behind razor-wire topped fences in Fulton was unexpected.

We stopped in the town of Hermann which was founded as a German community. The old school (which had a bilingual curriculum up until WWII) is now a nice little museum. The town wasn’t quite as full-on German as I had hoped, but it sounds like they pick up the pace for Oktoberfest, and for a Weihnachtsmarkt the first week of December. We did get delicious chocolate from Ricky’s Chocolate Box though.


We arrived in St Louis early afternoon and hungry so our hostess with the mostess took us to Gus’s for super yummy pretzels. The boy declared the concept of a bratwurst baked inside a pretzel to be genius!


We drove by the arch and took another scenic detour.


Later in the evening we went to Schlafly’s for dinner and met two of hubby’s former soldiers who I swear haven’t aged a day since we last saw them in Germany about 9 years ago. It was great to see them doing well.


Now we have to sleep off our food coma so we can do some more serious sightseeing tomorrow.

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    • Patience, Ted Drewes is on the menu for Day 25! I’ve been planning on a TD stop since we put St Louis on the trip. 🙂

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