22 Jun

Day 23

We are staying with my husband’s cousins on Jefferson City, MO.


That’s the State capitol. Embracing the local history, we channeled our inner Lewises and Clarks and spent a good part of the day navigating the Missouri River.


The Northwest Passage was too far from our goal, but we passed a gorgeous 3.5 hours leisurely paddling “The Big Muddy,” the second largest river in the US.

As an aside, we humans are obviously and instinctively drawn to water. We started our trip poolside by the beach, visited two more beaches in California, and a lake. We went to man made canals in Las Vegas, followed by the Hoover Dam. The next day was on the Rio Grande. We went to a neighborhood pool in Colorado, and today was spent in canoes. We may not need an island, but we do seem to need water.

We don’t need ice cream either, but we’re certainly not going to refuse it. Our reward for 14 miles of paddling was huge ice cream scoops at Central Dairy.


To top off the day we went to see Brave with our favorite redhead. It was everything we expected it to be. We go to bed happy.

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