27 Apr

Fun Friends

Sometimes it feels weird to me that I consider people I’ve never met, and don’t really know, as friends. OK, maybe not soul-mate kind of friends, but with blog friends at least you know you have a common interest, and usually a little insight into their life (which is probably not that different than friends you meet through the kids’ activities or merely because they live across the street). Anyways, I think it is a wonderful, generous gesture when blog friends like Jeannie and Katrin send me goodies out of the blue. Who doesn’t like getting tailor made goodies in the mail? I had been considering repaying Katrin’s kindness. I think I know a little about Katrin through her blog, and she a little about me, so when she gushed over Katja’s PINK school backpack, I knew what I’d make — a PINK Fliegenpilz pincushion!

Pink Fliegenpilz for Katrin

I had a pink stripe set aside for the stem, but after a poison green and bubble gum pink polka dot fabric came home with me from the quilt group swap meet I knew I had to get down to work. I considered buttons on top and a pink felt base like the previous ones I’ve made, but between the surreal colors and mini pom-poms, it just didn’t want any more. I received a gushing email from Katrin, so I guess she’s still my friend 😉

9 thoughts on “Fun Friends

  1. Your pincushions are wonderful. Mine has never made it to the sewing room, it resides on my end table and receives many compliments. I have wondered about the Fliegenpilz, do they really exist or are they from fairy tales? Regardless, they are so cool. Thank you for sharing your world with us. By the way, I did find strawberries, but they were eaten before making it into a torte. Cheers.

  2. Definitely, Kristin! XD
    I ADORE the fliegenpilz – it sits directly at my sewing machine – and the green and pink is so ME!!! I can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  3. Very very cute!

    I think sometimes I know my “blog friends” better than most other “friends” in my life. And my blog friends certainly know ME better than most people. Sometimes it isn’t easy to talk about how brilliant my kids are, or how frustrated I am with a current project, or my political views, or what artists I am particularly inspired by with neighborhood friends. But, with blog friends — it seems perfectly appropriate content. And I think it means we really *know* each other. And I am so thankful for it!

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