21 Jun

Day 22

Kansas serenaded us with thunder and lightning last night and we woke to a gorgeous day with moderate temperatures — something we haven’t had since probably February.


From Ft. Riley, KS to Jefferson City, MO the landscape is more rolling and it’s wonderfully green. It struck me that this is the first place we’ve seen since leaving Hawaii that actually looks like it could/should actually support human habitation. My second thought was about how incredibly demoralizing it would have been for the indigenous American tribes when they were forced out of the great plains and it’s abundance and into the arid west with it’s lack of large mammals and anything green. We think of the Southwest as being somewhat synonymous with Indian tribes, but forget that many of them and their cultures originated elsewhere on vastly different lands. It made me think of the marginalization of the Native Hawaiians as well. Did you know that they are not recognized federally as indigenous peoples as Native Americans are, and are therefore denied certain rights or opportunities that other first nations peoples receive?

On a lighter note, driving farther yesterday meant that we could lunch near Kansas City today. After much debate between friends on Facebook as to the best KC BBQ, we ended up near Ft. Leavenworth at “All Slabbed Up” for some deliciously tender “que” with one of Art’s army friends and his family.


After lunch we continued on to Jefferson City, MO (our seventh state for those keeping track) to the home of one of hubby’s cousins. We had a delicious home cooked meal with family and did some laundry. We’re staying here tomorrow and are looking forward to good weather and some canoeing.