25 Apr

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I finished the fun, scrappy, snuggly, ladybug baby quilt and the baby’s not even due for two more weeks! I could have procrastinated longer, but I’ve got another one I want to make too. I dove into this not sure of how it was going to turn out, but I’m pretty happy with it.

Ladybug baby quilt

Katrin, you’ll notice that I did listen to you and quilt in with all over leaves (my current favorite free motion “pattern”). TS&WGH, you probably can’t tell, but I used the variegated green thread you bought me for Xmas. Thanks! I think it’s cheery and modern and hopefully not too funky for mom and dad. Here’s the whole quilt, but the unfortunately the photo sucks. You get the idea though:

Whole Ladybug baby quilt

As you can probably guess, I used only fabrics from my stash for the quilt top (including a recent addition from Terry). A lot of them were from my scrap bag too, although you wouldn’t know if you saw my overflowing bag. The back of the quilt is flannel. Snuggly. Babies want flannel.

I’m attacking the blue scraps next, but something tells me that won’t make a dent either.

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  1. I lovelovelove that quilt! I’m currently making up some patchwork placemats for a friend’s birthday. It’s my “warm-up” after not quilting for years – I’m working up the courage to finish my daughter’s “baby” quilt. She’s now 4 1/2. Luckily I made it big!

    I took a photo of a concrete Fliegenpilz for you the other day, in the hardware section of our local Sears store, right next to a garden gnome!

  2. ooooh, beautiful!!!
    i love the green and the ladybugs – generally, i love the whole quilt and it’s idea “as such”… XD
    bright, scrappy, colorful – the baby will love it, and his parents will do the same, i’m sure!
    (if they don’t, they *might* need a visit at the eye doctor *gg*)

    i. need. one. too!

  3. Lynn’s comment made me laugh. I started a quilt for Kristin when she was a baby and got as far as completing the top. When Kristin had her first child I gave it to her and she finished it up. So Lynn, you have plenty of time.

  4. That is damn cute, and much easier for me to digest that your previous post. Too many words for my addled brain. : } I’m sorry, but am in a grumpy mood from lack of sleep.

  5. What an adorable quilt. “Snug as a bug in a rug” keeps popping up in my head – it is just such a happy quilt.

  6. You should be happy with this one, it is adorable. And if that baby’s parents think it’s too funky — um, they need to get funkified! (yes, that’s a word — or at least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

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