20 Jun

Day 21

Today looked a lot like this:
The high plains of Colorado and northwestern Kansas alternated between amber waves of grain and sprinklings of cattle. The highway was relatively flat and pretty straight. Perfect cruise control conditions.

To amuse ourselves, we stopped at Prairie Dog Town, which had been advertised in handmade billboards along the highway, and actually recommended by friends as an acceptable diversion.

It actually had an 8000 lb prairie dog — which was really just this statue. But the five legged cow was real! It had a birth defect resulting in a stunted fifth leg growing out of it’s shoulder. My photos didn’t do it justice. The “town” looked to me like a cheap zoo that decided to own it’s prairie dog problem rather than combat all the holes and burrows. Any farm could probably lay as much claim to being a Prairie Dog Town as this place.

But farms don’t have creative taxidermy like these Jackalopes, or the turtles with rattlesnake heads.

I passed on the earrings with snake rattles in the gift shop, but my daughter bought a prairie dog plush.

The rest of our day was more of this:

The landscape was punctuated with pro life billboards and ones that proclaimed Jesus’ awesomeness. None of the other states we’ve driven through appeared to have this.

We had made good time to Prairie Dog Town, so I suggested that we push past our original goal of Salina since we had no evening plans, and stay someplace that would make our drive tomorrow shorter so we could spend more time with Hubby’s cousin in Missouri. We ended up in Ft. Riley, KS to take advantage of our military membership and get cheap lodgings on post. Best deal per square foot yet! And, I have to say, the historic buildings on post are quite handsome. Now there’s a thunderstorm though, so I need to publish before I loose my wifi.

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