23 Apr

A Bit of This and That

For anyone who might be wondering, I finished the denim skirt “update” for Katja. It did not elicit the super model response that the red jacket did, but it does look pretty cute and she chose to wear it today with no encouragement from me.

Denim Skirt refashion

I finished this muffin pincushion last year, but I don’t think I ever posted this particular one. The theme for the Pincushion Challenge this time around is “Eats,” so I thought it appropriate to pull this out. I have another idea too, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to it.

Bran Muffin Pincushion

And, as I crank away on my Chevron Scarf, I’ thinking that it will make a great gift for my man. It will be shorter and wider than the original (not necessarily a bad thing), and I like the color combo, but I realize that it’s probably because I already have two similarly colored scarves. Soooooo…… I’m thinking that I might want to make this again — in colors I don’t yet own in a scarf. I’ve been looking online, but have yet to find exactly what I’m dreaming of. Has anyone seen this color scheme in a Koigu Painter’s Palette-type yarn?

Have you seen this palette?

5 thoughts on “A Bit of This and That

  1. kristin, this pincusion is SO adorable! i almost want to bite and eat! it looks like a yummy fluffy muffin with caramel sprinkles… i almost can taste it! XD

    i don’t know if there is a yarn from koigu in this palette, but if you don’t find something that suits your imagination, you can ask claudia at rohrspatz und wollmeise for a similar colorway, she does custom orders, and her yarn is really gorgeous.
    also, there’s a sockyarn from roedel that has a green/creme/pink colorway, but without the dark tones…
    hope you’ll find what you want!

  2. Hey, when you get a child to like your creations, that is a victory!! Cute pincushion! Makes me hungry.

    I don’t know if she ships to APO’s (I assume you have one) but her yarns are great, and dyno-mite colors. I’ve bought from their etsy shop and used them in socks and hats. On the same gauge as koigu. I’ll try to link for you..

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