19 Jun

Day 19

Today was a driving day. We achieved a personal best in our recollected history with our Volvo: 366 miles on 13 gallons of gas (normal city driving normally gets us only to 300). Add to that gas being almost a dollar cheaper per gallon than we’re used to paying in Hawaii and this trip is almost a bargain!

But I digress. We parted ways with Route 66 in Santa Fe area and headed north to the suburbs of Denver to visit another pair of friends whom we’ve known as long as we’ve known each other. Art and I and these two friends pretty much started dating after the same party at the apartment Art and my cousin shared (along with our Williams, AZ friend). they had good parties.

Though today’s drive on Highway 25 was pretty, through forested hills and cattle country, I have no photos. No photos either of all our kids together in the community pool (great reward after a day of driving). So, here’s a cute picture of my family at the Grand Canyon before our mule ride.