17 Jun

Day 18

It’s great when you can pick up with friends right where you left off 13 years ago as if no time had passed. It’s even better when your kids and their kids get along famously too!


We walked from the house through some irrigation waterways and out to the river…the Rio Grande.


The kids spent hours splashing and exploring and hunting tadpoles. We wore out the boys and the dog.


In the afternoon the girls harvested about million apricots from the yard and we filled every bowl in the house with cleaned and pitted apricots to freeze for later (apricot vodka in addition to jam?).


And evening was a double date at a lovely local restaurant in Corrales, followed by two games of Spoons in a tent in the back yard with the kids!


It was a pretty wonderful Father’s Day with two great dads and lots of fun family time. Tomorrow we sadly say goodbye but head on to another state and more old friends.