22 Apr

Why I should NOT be posting links on my blog

It’s because when posting links, I go to the site I’m linking to, which means I’ll probably look around there a bit, and maybe follow one of their links, and read around a bit, and then I might find another link to check out, and…… suddenly 10:15 pm becomes 11:45 pm and I still haven’t published my post.

Today, I blame the Tortenguss. When I looked for more info on “the guss,” I found Mausi’s expat blog and was drawn in by her refrigerator story. Like most Americans, I had noticed the absence of ice cubes in drinks right away when I first moved to Germany. No biggie — most beverages served at restaurants are served cold cool anyways. Over the years though, little peculiarities kind of creep in without you consciously noticing them. Mausi put into words what I have noticed, but was unable to articulate — that whole “if your drink is too cold you will get pneumonia and die!” thing. I was laughing out loud all alone in our living room last night. For those of you who might not believe Mausi about the cold drinks, I offer the case of my son’s best friend’s mom. All water and juice are served at room temperature at her house. And because you can’t leave the milk out on the counter all day, she actually warms it in the microwave before adding it to her son’s morning cereal — so the cold won’t shock his delicate system. This is just one step beyond another phenomenon I’ve noticed, which is the belief that wearing a scarf will cure a sore throat. Of course, if it doesn’t cure the sore throat, at least you won’t get pneumonia and die! As I was relating this story to TS&WGH this morning, he immediately put his palm two inches in front of his forehead and made a circle, which my German readers will recognize as charades for “that’s just crazy!” Meaning, “of course you’d be nuts to make your drinks so cold — everyone knows you could get pneumonia and die!”
Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to make fun of German peculiarities without pointing out a few American ones as well. The flea market yesterday reminded me of the help Americans seem to need with spacial reasoning. Somehow, Americans have a hard time fitting a potato wagon and two painted milk jugs into the minivan or SUV they bought the minute they found out they were pregnant with their FIRST child; whereas Europeans have no problem fitting a family of four, two crates of empty beverage bottles to be returned to the Getränke shop, AND a set of kitchen chairs into their sub-compact.

13 thoughts on “Why I should NOT be posting links on my blog

  1. guilty!
    I put my müsli in the microwave, cause the milk comes from the fridge.
    I put some milk in my kaffeebecher and put it on top of the kaffeemaschine. otherwise the coffee might be too cold.
    I use a scarve when I have a sore throat.

    not guilty:
    I don’t put a scarve around my chin and head to cure aching teeth.

    in my teenage years I used to drink coke, icecold!, for breakfast. of course I had magenschleimhautentzündung (gastritis).

    *sigh* we are sissies.

  2. Oh my. That’s really nonsense, I NEVER heard of getting pneumonia if you drink something that is actually cold. Ridiculous. Still, I don’t like icecubes and order every beverage in a restaurant without them. It’s all so very chilly anyways! And of course there is less taste after a while because the cubes start melting… One of my first phrases I learned in Japanese was “kori nashi” – without ice… My milk spends a great deal of a day outside the fridge and certainly I prefer it being at room temperature in my cereals. The taste is much fuller when it’s not cold.
    Only when it’s really hot here I use the ice cube maker in our “Luxuskuehlschrank” and drink my matcha, green tea, coffee or calpis with ice… but I don’t switch on air condition as well, rather dress lighter and move slower… 🙂

  3. Am I ever an American. At the self serve drink station I first fill the cup to the top with ice, then add the tea. Now I have discovered frozen blueberries in bulk at Costco; I put them on my cereal in the morning and pour on the milk. The milk actually gets frozen around the blueberries so I have a bit of a slushie in my cereal. I still feel pretty healthy ;-).

  4. Well, that is interesting. My husband visited Germany a while back when they were having the big heat wave & he was really missing ice cubes (and fans!). At one restaurant he tried asking for ice and it took him a while to get them to understand what he was asking for, and when they finally did, they put one small ice cube in his cola. I’ll have to tell him that they were saving him from pneumonia.
    He was cool about it though, he really had a good time there and loved what he saw of Germany.
    I, too, am an aficionado of ice. I love partially crushed up ice, lots of it so that it’s so cold it makes your teeth ache, and when the cola is gone it’s great for crunching.
    It’s so true about Americans and our cars, it’s sad how wasteful we are in this country.

  5. Hi, Kristin,
    I ‘found’you when looking for something else & I’m glad I did – you’re so readable. As to hot v. cold drinks, our home contains some of each – my husband won’t drink anything that hasn’t been in the fridge for half a week & I prefer f.j. & milk at room temp. Don’t like the idea of microwaving it, though, sounds just a leeeeetle obsessive to me! Are you going back to Sainte Marie this year? Happy quilting from Scotland.

  6. So maybe I just wasn’t raised German enough. If the milk does not come straight out of the fridge, I don’t want it — unless it goes with my coffee, then it is heated (on the stove top). Ice cubes I’m not too fond of, though…

  7. I think I should start an award for blogs that make me laugh! In Mexico, many of the natives will not open the windows on a bus or in a car, no matter how hot it is, because they think the wind will make them sick.

    And, I do prefer room temperature water. I hate ice cubes in anything.

  8. Hmmn…wonder what the Germans would say about an ice cold beer on a 90+ F day while watching baseball? You know, the beer that has been in the bottom of the ice chest for a few hours and that you manage to almost get frostbite trying to dig out? While I’m not a bit fan of ice, I must admit for those days the beer and/or drinks need to be COLD — cold enough to hurt your teeth.

  9. Hey, thank you for all the traffic. 🙂 We’re still enjoying our ice cubes and no one has kicked the bucket yet! BTW our neighbour is also convinced that no matter what the outside temperature, if you walk on your lawn barefoot before May 1 you’ll *definitely* get pneumonia and… well, you know the rest.

  10. You make me laugh- and to Day I needed most – thank you! I like my milk just from the fridge without microwav, but I hate icecubs in a Glas of wine – this is Ridiculous.
    But I love the Differentz between our culture

  11. Hello! Random Artful Quilter’s button. I lived in Germany for 6 years while my husband worked all over europe. In a Munich hotel I asked for Coke with Ice and was given a full to the rim glass of Coke and a full glass of ice. No way to add ice or pour the coke over the ice. they were saving me. LOL

    I ran my American refrigerator on a transformer so the kids could have ice cold milk. The German fridge kept everything at “almost” cold and then it spoiled. Which is probably why they shop every day.

    Also, I work with a German woman here in America and she almost collapsed when she saw me eating RAW Green Beans. You will DIE she said! I told her if that was true I would have died 58 years ago. Reheated mushrooms will kill you also!

    Best 6 years of my life!!!

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