16 Jun

Day 17

Big drive day today. Starting in Williams, AZ we pretty much followed Route 66 to Albuquerque, NM where we’re visiting friends from our DC days.

First order of business was to “stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.”

Even after playing “Take it Easy” for them, the kids really didn’t get this. It’s obviously a generational thing.

Back on the road, we switched songs and made sure not to forget Winona. Several miles off the highway there was no sign of the town, so we deemed Winona forgettable and headed to Gallup, New Mexico for lunch.

The Foursquare app told us that the locals like Jerry’s, and they had good fry bread, so there we went. It was good, surprisingly busy, and frequented by hawkers of local handicrafts.

We all devoured the fry bread and honey!

The rest of the drive was somewhat puzzling. We used a rest stop that had an excessive number of traffic circles both to get to it and to return to the highway. Hubby’s Exit app declared this particular rest area the most confusing rest area ever, and we concurred based on the traffic circles alone. But then there were two sets of rest rooms at the stop. One in use, and the other, possibly, in reserve. And the rest rooms asked users to vote them up or down…

The women’s room even had two voting apparatus. Wha?

Then there was the sign for the ice cave in a volcano. Huh? Volcanos in New Mexico? Ice Cave in the desert? But, we know our lava fields, and we definitely drove through one, so yes, there are volcanos in New Mexico.


We asked our friends about the ice cave and they confirmed that yes, there really is a cave, and given the insulating powers of porous lava rock, it really holds cold air in and is frigid at it’s end.

Who knew?

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